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We’ve been in your shoes

Unlike most digital agencies our team isn’t made up of industry veterans who’ve set off on their own. Our journey was very different, in fact once upon a time we were just like you.

As members of marketing departments or small business owners, we used agencies to generate our leads but no matter our backgrounds we all kept asking ourselves the same question. Why aren’t our leads converting into customers?

Today we’re an anti-agency that’s dedicated not just to getting a lead; but obtaining high quality leads that convert into customers every single time.

We do this by not only acquiring the best leads, but engaging with those leads throughout the sales process to increase your conversion rates, ultimately spotting which leads became customers & weeding out the ones that didn’t so that your return on investment keeps on going up.

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Elevate your sales with our 12 PPC ad copy tips

Advances in digital marketing and PPC move fast. Marketers have got to keep up to date to stay relevant. But there’s one thing that always remains important – the quality of your ad copy. Even if you’ve nailed every other aspect of your PPC campaign, if your ad copy sucks people won’t respond to it

best ppc practices from report central

The 7 Best PPC Practices That Helped Us Generate Over 60M

Creating a successful PPC campaign can be tricky. But, it’s hugely important if you want your business to gain customers and increase revenue, and everybody wants that, don’t they? Thankfully, here at Report Central we’re well versed in creating PPC campaigns that get you customers not just leads. At Report Central we not only manage


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