Top 10 Essential Marketing Tools

Top 10 essential tools to uncover your competitors marketing secrets

Now that you’ve learnt all about competitive analysis in the digital world, you might be wondering which tools you can use to look for relevant information and insights.

After all, collecting manual data can be time consuming, and if there’s a tool to help we say use it! There is a vast range of digital tools and platforms that you can use (many of them free) to help you analyse a website and uncover those marketing secrets. They can analyse social media engagement, keywords, ad campaigns and everything in between, to give you the low down on your competition and how they’re marketing and positioning themselves.

In this blogpost we want to share the top ten platforms and tools that you can use to find out your competitor’s secrets, give your business the edge and grow your business in 2018.

Here’s our top 10 analysis tools to uncover competitor marketing secrets:


  1. Alexa

The Amazon owned company, Alexa, delivers insights to give businesses a competitive edge that can drive results. Providing you with a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis tools, you can compare your own website, analyse others and come up with a strategy to overtake the competition. It can help increase your website traffic, improve SEO, reveal website traffic stats and find websites that your target audience visit.

This tool will also help you discover easy-to-rank keywords for SEO and share best practice to boost your results. With a seven-day free trial, Alexa allows you to test out their tool before committing to a monthly fee.

10 Marketing tools

  1. Spyfu

Spyfu is a prospecting tool for businesses that want to uncover the secret formulas of their successful competitors. By searching a domain, you can find out where they show on Google, each keyword they have purchased on AdWords, ad variations and organic ranks. You can then find out why a business might outrank you and come up with a strategy to overtake them.

As well as PPC, SEO, and keyword competitor research, Spyfu provides step-by-step guides to walk you through the tool. Spyfu claims if you follow these guides, you will be successful. With basic, professional and team price plans, you can pay for Spyfu either monthly or annually.

10 marketing tools

  1. SEMrush

This competitive research and business intelligence software can help you find the most profitable keywords for your business, find your competitors strategies and analyses data on more than 130 million domains. SEMrush say that you can benefit from your competitors, as they provide you with insights into your competitions advertising, organic vs. paid search and link building. This then allows you to see which areas you need to improve on, or not put as much focus into.

With a few simple clicks, you can get all the data you need in one custom PDF report, view domains side-by-side and compare them with visual charts. SEMrush offer Pro, Guru, Business and custom solutions for businesses at different price points.

10 Marketing Tools

  1. Ahrefs

Providing tools to help you monitor your niche, look at your competitors and search traffic, Ahrefs allows you to take a seven-day trial for a small fee. This tool will enable you to carry out quick batch analyses, find sites that link to your competitors but not you, and see keywords your competitors rank for but you don’t. It also shows the most popular content for specific topics from social shares, backlinks and organic traffic, so you can see what you should be focusing on.

Ahrefs offer many other services and have four different price plans to choose from depending on the level of research you need.

  1. Kompyte

Enabling you to track your competitors moves, you can see every change they make to their marketing campaigns and their websites. When you competitors make any relevant move that may affect your business, Kompyte will send you real-time alerts so you can always be ahead of the game.

Using Sales Battlecards, Kompyte allows you to win more sales and have a bit of fun with your teamwork. The battle cards will share ‘kill points’, these are things you know will win you deals against your competitors, as well as information about products and pricing. By giving your team all of this information, it will help your team win more sales. With Lite, Pro and Enterprise price plans, you can choose the level of Kompyte you need.

  1. SE Ranking

From competitor research to several SEO tools, SE Ranking can help you find the perfect SEO keywords for your business and keep a track of how you rank. As well as offering free trials and monthly price plans to transform your SEO potential, you can also competitor research tool for free! This will show you their organic keyword rankings, paid keywords, the most popular keyword ads, their competitors and advert history.

  1. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb provide a free extension for your web browser which enables you to gain insight into any website’s strategy and statistics. With this add-on, you can simply find all of this information out in one single tab. From engagement, referrals, ads and search words, you can be ahead of your competition and improve your market intelligence for your industry. You can also pay for a package from SimilarWeb to receive unlimited results and find out more in-depth data.

10 Marketing tools

  1. AdClarity

This website and social media analysis tool allows you to research traffic sources, campaigns and strategies that are working for your competitors in the advertising space. It provides a clear picture of the advertising campaigns that work and that don’t, so you can use this market intelligence to create the best campaign for your client. By uncovering competitor’s online methods, you can find out the best way to advertise your client and grow the audience.

  1. Quantcast

Sign up to Quantcast for free to assess your reach, use audience data to identify your target audience and see how you match up to competitors. You can track the traffic on both websites and mobile apps for your business and competitors, to find out the broken-down demographic of the audience. These kinds of insights are invaluable to businesses, as it allows you to know who you are targeting campaigns at, whilst knowing exactly what your competitors are up to,

Marketing tools

  1. Website Informer

This is a free website that will give you information on any domain or keyword. You can quickly find out competitor’s data such as daily visitors, safety status, Alexa rank and much more.

10 Marketing Tools

Which Digital Marketing Tools Do You Swear By?

Now it’s time to learn from the competition! Tell us which tools are the sharpest in your box and what is worth investing into? We know we would be lost without of few.

And remember competitive analysis is included in any work that we do as part of the on-boarding process, so get in touch to let us know how we can help with your marketing.

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