6 easy ways to grow your business with LinkedIn

Two professionals join LinkedIn every second. The number of people using the platform has grown from 467 million in 2016 to 590 million by the end of 2018. That’s a growth of 123 million users in just 2 years. Compare that to Twitter which only gained 9 million users in the same time period.

LinkedIn is unique in the landscape of social media. This is because of the very specific group of people using the platform – educated professionals proactively seeking solutions.

LinkedIn isn’t merely about recruitment. It’s a platform that brands and business use to grow. To nurture and build relationships, reputation, gain leads, drive traffic and make sales.

And it shows. After all, 51% of companies have acquired a B2C customer through LinkedIn whilst 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn as the most effective method of lead generation.

But how can you use LinkedIn to grow your business? In this blog we will share 6 powerful ways to start growing your business on LinkedIn right now.

Building the Basics – creating a company profile

To start you will need to set up a business profile. This is completely free and easy to do:

  • Enter your Company Name
  • Upload an image: this shouldn’t be just any image but something that encapsulates and represents your brand. This could be a professional headshot or your business logo. You will also need a cover image for your profile. The optimum size for your cover image is 1536 x 768 pixels.
  • Create your ‘About Us’ section: this is a description of your business that tells users who you are and what you can do. Remember to use relevant keywords in this section. You have a limit of 2,000 character to describe what your company does and why people should care. The first 156 characters here are especially important as this is what appears in the Google preview of your company page.
  • Next, enter your website URL, company size, industry, year founded and company type: LinkedIn uses this information to help you appear for relevant searches.
  • Enter your physical location: this not only helps potential leads get to know your business more but will also help you stay connected to businesses or potential clients in your local area.
  • Finally, add your featured groups. These are a place for professionals in the same industries or with the same interests to share insights, experiences, ask for advice and network.
  • Don’t just post any old content – post killer content


Now you’re set up with a company profile it’s time to start building a LinkedIn strategy that will grow your business.

Marketers and business owners alike know that content marketing is key on any platform – and that includes LinkedIn.

94% of B2B marketers on all social media platforms choose LinkedIn to publish content. What’s more, 91% of executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professional relevant content.

As LinkedIn continues to grow and moves away from merely a recruitment platform, more and more businesses are using it to grow. If your business is already investing in content, adding LinkedIn into your strategy is a win-win.

What’s more, over two-thirds of LinkedIn users consider themselves ‘news junkies’, making them the perfect, targeted audience for your content.

What this all means is that posting content to LinkedIn should become part of your daily posting routine.

Aim to post several, spread out posts a day – this will help you reach your audience and engage with them.


So, what types of content should you be posting?

It’s a good idea to use a mix of the different types of posts available on LinkedIn. From posting articles, images and videos.

Bear in mind that posts with images receive twice as many comments whilst those with videos are a whopping 5 x more likely to receive comments.

When sharing images make sure they are relevant and of a high quality. Don’t just post any old image for the sake of it. If you are stuck for ideas try posting an inspirational quote, fact or statistic that will resonate with your audience. Try using free tools such as Canva to easily create professional graphics and images.

One way of encouraging engagement on your posts is by simply posting brief segments of content that will get readers hooked and include a link to your full blog post. This encourages users to click through to find out more. Plus, posts with links receive up to 45% more engagement.

You can also post articles and blogs directly onto LinkedIn. This is also a great way of getting traffic to your LinkedIn profile as well as positioning your business as the expert in the field. Publishing really great articles to LinkedIn encourages users to share, comment and like your content which is invaluable exposure and engagement.

Don’t post on LinkedIn for the sake of it – we can’t drive this home enough. There are over 3 million long-form articles written on LinkedIn with over 100,000 articles published every single week.

Top tips for creating killer content

The key is to publish content that stands out from the rest.

Your content needs to fulfil the needs of your audience, offer them something valuable and encourage engagement. Some top tips for doing this are to:

  • Provide value to your audience: share useful information, advice, tips and guidance. This positions your business as the authoritative expert and is super valuable to your audience.
  • Share inspirational content, stories and quotes: inspire your audience and make them feel good.
  • Ask your audience questions: spark a discussion, encourage people to offer their opinions. This not only gets users commenting on your posts but also makes people feel more connected with your business. Make sure you always respond to comments.
  • Use action words: include a call to action to encourage your audience to ‘read more’ or ‘get in touch.’

Unlike a lot of social media platforms out there, LinkedIn is relatively open about how its algorithm works which is super useful when it comes to creating content:

  • Your content is analysed to determine whether it is spam: this is low-quality content. This means quality is hugely important.
  • Initial engagement on your posts is measured: if your content receives lots of likes and shares that’s a big green tick from the LinkedIn algorithm. If users are hiding it from their feeds that’s a bad sign to the algorithm. Again, quality is key. Plus, make sure your content is relevant to your audience to encourage them to engage.
  • The algorithm carries out further checks: looking at the quality of your account and network. Again, engagement levels are critically important at this stage too.
  • Human editors now review your content: and determine whether it should be displayed in feeds and even boosted.

The takeaway? To get your content to reach high levels of exposure you need to be producing quality, relevant and super valuable content that resonates and interests your audience.

For further help with creating content for LinkedIn check out this useful guide by Neil Patel.

Search for Individuals


It can take just one connection to generate a new lead which can turn into a sale. That’s what makes LinkedIn such as powerful tool.

You can search for individuals with precise accuracy on LinkedIn.

Head over to the search bar – on the left you will have the options to choose from a drop-down menu, select ‘people.’

Next, you can refine your options further, selecting location, mutual connections and even the company someone is currently working at.

Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for you can send an invite to connect or if you are using LinkedIn Premium send over an InMail to introduce yourself (we’ll talk more about InMail later.)

If you’re looking for even more specific information you can further filter your search by:

  • Past Companies
  • Industries
  • Profile Language

This means you can find very targeted users – for free. This is an amazing feature of LinkedIn that will help your business build new relationships, gain more leads and potential customers.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups


Think of LinkedIn Groups as online networking. They are an amazing way to make connections and grow your business.

These groups are where some of your potential new customers are hanging out. They allow you to connect, interact and engage with these people. A place where users go to create conversations, ask questions and seek news and advice about what’s happening in your industry or niche.

So how do you find these groups? With a simple search on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve found a relevant group, you’ll see the curated highlights from that group. This is a quick insight into exactly how active that group is which will indicate whether it is appropriate for you to join.

You will also be able to see which conversations in that group have been most active. This is your opportunity to join in the conversation.

Once you have become a member of a group you can spark up conversations, share your own insights and ideas and ask questions. In essence, this is an opportunity to build relationships with a highly targeted group of professionals. And it’s free.

Another great way of generating more leads and expanding your presence of LinkedIn is to create your own groups.

Let’s say you can’t find a group that’s ideal for your business or industry and you want to create a curated group for your audience to talk about your niche and business – creating a group is a great option.

Plus, owning a group sets you apart as a leader and expert in your area. This is another great way of making new connections and building more relationships between potential customers and your business.

For further help on building a LinkedIn network check out our top tips and advice here.

Make use of InMail


InMail has a 300% higher response rate than email. As a means of communications, InMail is hugely effective and undersaturated. That’s why making InMail part of your LinkedIn strategy is going to pay off.

The minor downside of InMail is that it is a paid feature requiring you to have a premium account to access the feature.

Businesses with small budgets may be put off by this but considering that the response to InMail messages is 3x that of traditional emails, it is an incredibly effective tool that may well be worth the investment.

InMail is a LinkedIn feature that allows you to send direct messages to other users that you’re not connected to.

This means growing your reach to individuals that otherwise would never have even known about your business. All around the world. That’s a powerful tool for growing your business.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an exhaustive database that makes it easier for your business to connect with the right people on the platform.

With Sales Navigator, you can target, research and engage with new prospects.

Although this is another paid feature again requiring a premium account, it is claimed to have the power to land you 35% larger deals and be open to 34% more opportunities for your money.

Microsoft have stated to have increased their sales productivity by a whopping 38% by using Sales Solutions.

The tool offers:

  • Automated lead suggestions for your business based on data you enter on your target customers
  • Unlimited search results (this is restricted for free accounts) allowing you to search by keywords, geography, industry, company, title or company size with the ability to save identified leads as ‘Leads for your business’

Having access to LinkedIn’s database of users and the ability to precisely target LinkedIn users based on your ideal customer is an extremely powerful way to harness the growth of your business.

Next Steps – ready to elevate your business using our top tips for LinkedIn?


LinkedIn offers some very real benefits for your business. After all, 50% of B2B web traffic originating from social media comes from LinkedIn and 80% of B2B all leads generated on social platforms come from LinkedIn.

Following our top tips, you can build a killer LinkedIn strategy that will grow your business and drive real returns. For more advice on using LinkedIn and other social media networks to sky rocket your business, get in touch with the Report Central team. We won’t just help you to use social media, we’ll help you propel your social accounts into the stratosphere.

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