7 PPC Myths to leave behind

PPC is fast becoming one of the most effective digital marketing tactics out there. A powerful tool for increasing traffic to your website, increasing your ROI, and reaching the right type of customers.

Yet, there are a few common misconceptions surrounding PPC that frankly put many marketers and business owners off. The universe is full of myths, and PPC is no exception to that. This often leads to marketers looking at PPC with suspicion, steering way clear of it and often missing out on a raft of benefits!

The world of PPC can be information overload, and it’s difficult to know what to believe or where to start building a PPC campaign. But don’t panic. We’ll walk you through the 7 most common PPC myths we bust through on the regular basis.

Myth No 1 – ‘’PPC is way too expensive for my business’’

Small businesses often feel they can’t compete in the world of PPC. Even bigger companies with more generous budgets can think that PPC can be a waste of precious funds.

Don’t let this put you off. You can build up a successful PPC campaign that doesn’t cost the earth. The key is to give your PPC campaign the time to reap the results you’re after by putting in solid foundations like keyword research, optimising a site and crafting a PPC campaign with your chosen audience in mind.

Although you may experience loss on a couple of occasions, it certainly won’t happen every time. If you monitor the campaign’s results, tweaking accordingly, then your PPC efforts will pay off.

Quite often, PPC is looked at as a monetary investment, due to the cost of bidding on your chosen keywords rather than simply buying leads. However, when comparing those lead costs to other organic methods such as SEO, social and PR, you have to look at the cost of the acquisition as a whole, including the time invested in achieving the desired results.

It’s common for PPC costs to come down over time, especially after the first 3 months both in terms of leads and cost per acquisition. The truth is, if you’re a business that’s used to converting 50% of your leads, then PPC is going to come as a shock to you as some will be lucky to convert one in twenty clicks.

On initial impact value, PPC then seems expensive but it’s only when you look at the cost per acquisition that you can see if it’s right for your business.

Myth No 2 – ‘’PPC is too technical for my team’’

In the age of digital transformation, all marketers have to upskill their abilities, from taking an Instagram-worthy shot to crafting an engaging Twitter post, however PPC is sometimes overlooked in favour of other ‘organic’ marketing channels as it is perceived as too technical. Sadly Google’s recent transformation from Adwords to Ads may not help dispel this myth entirely.

Truth be told, you don’t have to be a whizz kid to start on your PPC journey.

You simply need to put time into learning how to master Ads, draft an engaging copy and learn the interface of Ads. In fact, anyone can start running a PPC campaign. Most of the customers that find their way to PPC management with Report Central are ones that started their campaigns on their own first.

Put in the effort and you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to edge out your competition and really benefit from PPC.

Myth No 3 – ‘’It doesn’t work for my industry’’

Are you online? Then chances are PPC works for you.

You might be thinking that searchers are looking for what you’re selling simply don’t click on PPC ads, but you’re mistaken. If no-one clicked on PPC ads they’d have disappeared long before now.

The truth is searchers click through on ads for all industries, from travel and hospitality with the highest CTR of 4.68% to the technology sector with the lowest average CTR of 2.09% – that’s still a lot of clicks and potential sales.

Millions of business at all levels across all industries are associated with and making big profits from PPC advertising. In fact, 50% of PPC traffic converts, and 65% of customers click on ads when purchasing. Those are significant figures that can make a real difference to your business. Don’t compete and you’re not even giving yourself the chance to see how PPC can work for you.


Myth No 4 – ‘’I don’t have the time’’

Many marketers shrug PPC off, thinking they simply don’t have the time.

It’s true, you can’t set your PPC campaign up in an hour and forget about it. It does take monitoring, analysis, and patience (just like any digital marketing endeavour), but it will all pay off. Once you have done the solid foundation work, you only need give yourself 10 minutes a day to check in on your campaign – it will be worth it in the long run!

Setting up a campaign and then leaving it to fend for itself is a big mistake. It will actually cost you less if you put in a little love and time. This could run our budget into the ground with no results to show for it. PPC can lead to great ROI if managed correctly.

Myth No 5 – ‘’I already rank highly in organic search, I don’t need PPC’’

You might be saying to yourself, ‘If I do well with SEO, why pay for PPC?’ Ranking highly in organic search is certainly a success, so well done! But, you can still benefit from PPC. SEO and PPC bring even better results when paired together. With PPC ads receiving 65% of clicks, and organic searches receiving 33%, imagine the power of the two combined.

Buying ad space for keywords you’re already ranking for organically merely increases your visibility. This pushes your competitors lower down the page and doubles the impact on searchers.

Ranking well organically alone is not enough. Introducing PPC into the mix has twice the effect on the searcher who’s then twice as likely to convert.

Whilst you might be ranking well on certain terms, there are still going be opportunities with other keywords that are less common but can still be profitable.  The key to doing PPC alongside with SEO is to identify the gap between keywords that rank well organically with SEO and other terms that are searched for by the potential customers that you don’t rank well for and create a targeted PPC campaign for these keywords to scoop up potential clients that you wouldn’t otherwise have found.

Myth No 6 – ‘’PPC is only good for generating leads and sales’’

Just leads and sales? The bread and butter of any business, leads and sales are certainly not to be ignored when it comes to PPC metrics but at Report Central we understand that other things might be important too – like brand visibility and exposure.

Long before there was PPC, companies could only place adverts in newspapers or billboards and hope that leads would come; yet they still built brands in the process. While PPC ushered in a new era of customer targeting it’s important to remember that you can still cover off the old brand recognition stuff too.

Whilst it’s true that PPC is good for increasing revenue and generating business growth (which is often the main business objective) that’s not all it’s about. Look deeper into the subtleties of PPC and its effect on other marketing channels. It’s been reported that PPC Ads can boost brand awareness by up to a whopping 80% – and that’s certainly valuable for any business.

As a basic rule for brand awareness, even if you’re not going to focus on anything else, always make sure to bid on your own brand term. Bidding on your own brand name as a keyword means you’ll always appear twice on the results pages, instead of just once for your organic listing. Considering how cheap bidding on your own brand name is, this is a great trick to get our brand out there and reinforce your business twice in one search.

Myth No 7 – ‘’If I don’t rank first, what’s the point?’’

We’re going to put it out there, position 1 isn’t always the best.

Don’t get us wrong, ranking top is great for visibility and traffic. But, it’s not always beneficial. It can, in fact, attract those who aren’t yet ready to purchase. So, you’re wasting money and time on non-converters, and nobody wants that!

Large companies with budgets to match can also easily outbid you for the top spot. It can therefore be more efficient to bid on second, third or even fourth position. Although position 1 has a CTR of 7.11% compared to position 2’s CTR of 3.01%, position 2 is far less expensive and still generates an impressive amount of clicks and sales, so it might be the better option if you’ve got a tight budget. So, if you’re put off from PPC because you think achieving top position is out of the question for your business then you don’t need to worry.

Next Steps – Ready to bust some PPC myths in practice?

But hey words are cheap – we can talk for hours about the value of PPC, generating £60M with our award-nominated lead gen campaigns and ways to start on PPC keyword research, but only time and practice will show you benefits of PPC.

PPC management is something we work on every day here at Report Central, boosting sales for our clients, building great campaigns by finding the little changes that make a huge difference. Why not see what we can do for your PPC campaign today?

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