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7 Twitter Hacks to Step up your Social Game

Crafting an awesome Twitter strategy that returns real results can sometimes feel like an uphill battle for businesses.

You spend your precious hours, days, and weeks tweeting, scrolling and sharing, but as with any social media platform, Twitter will only ever be effective if you know how to use it properly. Get it right and you’ll strike gold.

After all, recent studies show that brand loyalty on Twitter has risen dramatically. In fact, the platform has swooped in to 11th place leaving the likes of Facebook at a meagre 24th.

Not only can Twitter help you attract brand loyalists, but with around 1 billion monthly visits to sites through embedded Tweets, Twitter can work wonders gaining traffic.

But with 5,787 tweets posted every single second, businesses need to be at the top of their Twitter game in order to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise.

In this guide we’ll share our 7 top Twitter hacks to help your business get to the top of its social media game.

Twitter might arguably be the noisiest social media platform out there, but with our handy Twitter hacks your brand can learn to improve engagement, build its audience and gain traffic.

1: Curate content with Twitter Lists


Twitter lists are a super handy yet widely underused feature of the platform.

For those that haven’t heard of lists, they’re a great way to organise and curate the content you see, giving a far more targeted and streamlined experience.

By default, Twitter shows all the latest Tweets from the users you follow in your Twitter feed.

This is great when you want to see a variety of content from your followers. But, for businesses wishing to make use of Twitter content more strategically – enter Lists.

Users can create any kind of list they choose. From lists of potential customers, influencers, competitors and so on. Establishing lists lets you curate the Tweets you see from a selective group of users.

Here are some top tips all businesses should know when it comes to Twitter Lists:

  • Communicate with customers: with a whopping 85% of small-medium businesses using Twitter as an important part of their customer service strategy, it’s the perfect place to interact with customers. But, as well as interacting with users for customer support, it’s also a great place to interact with previous customers, helping gain repeat business. Simply creating a Twitter list of your previous customers, you can like, retweet and comment to any of their Tweets. This helps your business maintain its presence to the customer and maintains the relationship between yourselves.
  • Keep an eye on the competition: by compiling your competitor’s accounts into a handy list you can monitor their Tweets easily. Now you can learn from other’s successes or mistakes, using these insights to inform and improve your own strategy.
  • Keep your prospects close: compiling list of leads of prospects is a great way to close the deal or make the sale. As well as the other ways you market to your audience, keeping them on a Twitter list will mean you can communicate and interact with them directly on this platform too.
  • Build influencer relationships: creating a list of the top influencers in your industry means you can start to engage with these users, building relationships with the very accounts have the power to spread the word about your brand.

For help on setting up and using Twitter Lists  check out this handy guide put together by Twitter.

2: Tweet, tweet, tweet – sharing the same Tweet more than once


It’s a common misconception in the world of social media that once a piece of content has been shared that’s that. Done and dusted.

Well, this shouldn’t be the way.

If you’ve created an awesome piece of content you want as many eyes on it as possible. So why limit its reach by sharing it just once?

Don’t tweet and forget about it – instead, share the same content over multiple days. This is a great way to gain more impressions and engagements.

Don’t worry about coming across as too repetitive. In the fast-paced world of Twitter, the chances of the same members of your audience seeing the same content multiple times are slim.

3: Learn from the best – monitoring the competition


We’ve touched on the importance of monitoring and learning from your competition already, and we can’t hone it home enough.

But, you’ve got to be smart about it.

No one likes a copycat. Consumers love originality. That’s why it’s hugely important that businesses don’t merely mirror the competition.

Instead, pinpoint what they do well, how they do it, what successes they’ve had and what mistakes they’ve made.

Take away the key points and put your own unique slant on it. Use this as a way of informing and enhancing your own strategy.

But bear in mind, competition monitoring isn’t something you can do once and then forget about.

You’ll need to work hard to keep up to date with what other businesses are doing and how they’re doing it.

Thankfully, there are lots of handy tools that can help your efforts:

  • Spout Social: Sprout’s Twitter Competitive Analysis Report allows you to compare Twitter accounts side by side. This is perfect for gaining a thorough understanding of your direct competitors.
  • Twitter Lists: although we’ve touched on this already, this is an invaluable way of gaining a clear insight into what your competitors are doing, sharing and Tweeting. As a top tip, businesses may prefer to make their competitor lists This will mean that your list is only visible to you and those you add to it won’t be notified.
  • BuzzSumo: simply type in your keyword or query and BuzzSumo will show you who is ranking top for Twitter shares in that area. This is great for gaining an idea about what Tweets perform well, allowing you to see who the top dogs are in your industry or area.


For more help on uncovering your competitor’s marketing secrets, check out our handy guide.


4: Don’t just Tweet at any time – Tweet at the right time


Businesses face an uphill battle to cut through the clutter and get their content seen on Twitter. So why make it harder for yourself by sending out your Tweets at random times?

The truth of it is that 500 million tweets are posted every single day. What’s more, a tweet gets half of its interactions within the first 24 minutes, after which it begins a steady decline to the bottom of the pile.

To increase the chances that your Tweet will actually be seen, you need to be tweeting at the right time.


According to research carried out by Sprout Social, their insights indicate that:

  • Monday – Thursday are the best days to Tweet with Thursday being the best day
  • Around noon on a Thursday is the best time range to Tweet
  • On any weekday, the safest time to post is between 12:00-15:00pm
  • The worst times to post include early mornings and late evenings

Although these general guidelines are useful, we would recommend that individual businesses analyse their own data to find the best time and date ranges for them.

Or, make use of the plethora of handy tools available to businesses that will analyse when your audience is most active, meaning you can schedule your Tweets accordingly.

A few tools we would recommend include:

  • Spout Social’s ViralPost: this tool schedules and sends out your Tweets during the times and days that your followers are most active, doing the hard work for you.
  • Buffer: this tool offers an Overview Report, charting a breakdown of the engagement your Tweets have earned. These are the times that your followers are engaging with your content, indicating optimal times for you to post.
  • Twitter’s Insights Tool: Twitter itself offers a super handy, free insights tool which indicates the best day and time to tweet based upon your user engagement.

5: Promote your work with pinned tweets


A great way of promoting your content is by pinning a Tweet to the top of your profile. This is great for businesses, allowing them to choose what users first see when they click on your profile.

Although a simple hack, by merely pinning your best or latest piece of content to the top of your profile you get more eyes and more impressions on that Tweet.

There are a few reasons you may want to pin a tweet to the top of your page:

  • Promote a popular tweet: if one of your tweets is performing particularly well you’ve obviously done something right. Consider pinning it to the top of your page to gain even more views and engagement for the post.
  • Promote a current campaign: this is a great way to shout about your campaigns and spread the word. If you’re posting an offer, discounts, news or latest stories make sure to maximise views by pinning the content.
  • Get in on current trends: if there are current hot topics that are making the rounds in your industry then why not get in on the action? Create content towards this topic and pin it to your page.

Just as with the first result in Google, the pinned tweet is likely to be the first thing a user clicks on when they visit your profile. That means it’s important that you direct them where you want them to go by including a relevant landing page.

Remember – pinned tweets are almost like ad spots (that you don’t have to pay for), so make sure the content you’re pinning is worthy of that top spot.

6: Video is King – share video content


Tweets including video have a whopping 10x more engagement than Tweets without.

What’s more, users who watch videos are 85% more likely to convert. Video gets 6x more retweets than photos and 3x more than GIFs.

Yep, video is a powerful Twitter hack for businesses.

Although most businesses are probably aware of the power of video, finding the time, skills or budget to produce video content is another matter.

Yet, video isn’t going anywhere and remains an amazing medium to reach customers in real time wherever they are. And, since video plays automatically on twitter, it’s a hugely impactful way to grab users’ attention.

This means it might be time to join the 51% of marketers planning on increasing their budgets for video in the next year.

If you don’t have a budget to break the bank why not try your hand at video making yourself? There are tons of free, comprehensive video making tools out there including:

  • Ripl: easily create and share videos in moments which you can there share to your social platforms. This tool is easy to use and there’s a free version available.
  • Splice: Splice is an easy to use video editing app which you can download straight to your phone. Within the app you can decide on transition style, crop footage, change speed, add text, music and much more.
  • Typito: a free, online drag-and-drop online video editor that’s simple to use. A great feature of Typito is that it allows you to add a branded banner to your video, making it quickly and easily recognisable to your audience.

7: Don’t just scratch the surface, get advanced with search


Chances are that you’ve used Twitter’s search bar to search for users, hashtags or keywords. But, did you know about Advanced Search?


Loads of businesses are unaware of this handy little feature within Twitter and it’s no surprise considering it’s not easy to find and isn’t even available in the mobile app.


But, it’s a great feature to make use of. Advanced search makes finding exactly what you’re looking for considerably easier.

Within advanced search you can filter tweets according to:


Advanced search allows businesses to filter through the noise to find targeted, specific content. This can help you target potential influencers, customers, competitors, news or stories in your industry.

For more help on using Advanced Search, check out this handy guide by Twitter.

Another little known search feature on Twitter is the use of search operators to narrow search results:

  • This ‘OR’ that – to find tweets that contain either ‘this’ or ‘that’ or both
  • From:ReportCentral – to find Tweets sent from the Twitter Handle @ReportCentral

This is another great hack to narrow down your search, making searches quicker, easier and more precise.

Next Steps – ready to step up your twitter game?


Returning results from Twitter won’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and energy. But, once you crack the Twitter code it will pay off. Applying our 7 useful hacks will help grow your audience, build your brand, extend your reach and drive traffic.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to help businesses step up their social game. For more help on creating killer Twitter campaigns, get in touch with Report Central today. Although anyone can create a social media campaign, producing one with thousands of followers that generates leads and customer is a fine art. We find the little changes that make a huge difference, finding the rocket science that boosts campaigns far ahead of the competition.

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