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the report central story.

Report Central love pay per click, Inbound Marketing and most of all results. We understand the need for quality leads…

Long before we launched Report Central we were customers of digital agencies & software companies that never quite understood the concept of return on investment.

We spent hours talking to these agencies because we trusted them to run our campaigns & learnt only one thing for certain, our poor performance was definitely not their fault! After all they were winning awards left, right & center for their big brand name campaigns; the problem had to be ours.

Our story starts in 2014 in the most unexpected of places. Our team were working in a call center on the phones, specifically calling the digital leads these agencies were creating…

march 2014
great leads aren’t about volume.

It wasn’t a glamorous job but we gave it our all until we had an epiphany; the leads we were getting were rubbish. We were going through 100s just to find one decent lead.

Having spent years selling door to door before moving into e-commerce we knew just how important lead quality was so we wrote a letter to the CEO explaining the problem. In it we outlined for the first time a crazy little idea we’d been working on that could revolutionize how their leads were generated.

september 2014
hang on guys, we’ve got a great idea.

Whether through good timing or sheer blind luck, the CEO listened to our letter & the stage was set.

With a little bit of opportunity we were ready to put into action our crazy little idea but first we needed to meet the people currently running the campaigns. The next day we went to see the digital agencies responsible for the leads & started tracking all the changes they were making to link their hard work to sales output.

march 2015
ego over output.

What we found shocked us to the core; the agencies were more bothered about their ping pong tables than they were about lead quality & worse some were reporting “big changes” to the campaigns that adwords itself proved never happened.

To us it seemed a cut & dried case of poor agencies sitting back & letting the campaigns run themselves, while the customer was fobbed off with a long list of excuses for as long as possible.

Feeling a little deflated we reported back our findings on how these “award winning” agencies weren’t adding value but convincing the CEO that the agencies weren’t actually doing their job proved much harder than we anticipated.

september 2015
it’s not what you know.

Despite the evidence against them the CEO didn’t believe us that the agencies could be paying so little attention to the campaigns & asked us to guide the agencies rather than take over the campaigns.

Even with our hands tied, the killer insights & changes we asked the agencies to make led to a dramatic reduction in cost per client of 66% in just three months.

september 2016
building the dream.

After having such a dramatic effect on sales & proving that our crazy little idea worked, we decided to see how well that idea could work for other businesses too so we promptly left the world of concrete call centers & set off into the big wide world to establish our own anti-agency.

There would be no ping pong tables, no youtube gimmicks or pointless marketing initiatives. Everything we would do would be focused on getting more sales for our clients but without any other agencies in the way this time.

september 2017
report central is born.

Over the next 12 months we took over a number of existing campaigns & started some new ones while expanding our team. The results were even better than we had expected, shaving nearly 70% off an entirely new set of businesses acquisition costs.

With the crazy idea proven for a second time we realised we’d forgotten one crucial thing. We’d been going 12 months but we’d never actually given ourselves a name.

How do you name something that had already existed for such a long time? For three years we had reported on everything that was going on in order to build a path to more sales for our clients; so rather than picking something off the wall like most agencies do we decided to make our name the embodiment of our journey to date.

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why report central?

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anti agency vs normal agency

We’ve been in your shoes

Unlike most digital agencies our team isn’t made up of industry veterans who’ve set off on their own. Our journey was very different, in fact once upon a time we were just like you.

As members of marketing departments or small business owners, we used agencies to generate our leads but no matter our backgrounds we all kept asking ourselves the same question. Why aren’t our leads converting into customers?

Today we’re an anti-agency that’s dedicated not just to getting a lead; but obtaining high quality leads that convert into customers every single time.

We do this by not only acquiring the best leads, but engaging with those leads throughout the sales process to increase your conversion rates, ultimately spotting which leads became customers & weeding out the ones that didn’t so that your return on investment keeps on going up.

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