5 steps to create an epic digital marketing strategy

Whether you are running your own business, managing a marketing team for a corporate company or ramping up marketing for an up-and-coming start up, you are likely to do a lot of research on digital marketing – an essential tool to fuel your business growth.

Between content creation, search engine optimisation, keyword research and social media including things like retargeting, native and programmatic advertising, it’s sometimes hard to know where to focus your budget, resources and time.

With this post, we invite you to take a step back, go back to the blackboard and start with a plan. After all – If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

The easiest way to think about your marketing strategy is to think about these 3 important questions:

  • What it is that you do in terms of product and services, for example, design services/ data hosting/ financial services?
  • Who is your audience? For example, marketing managers in corporate companies/ tech start ups/ seasoned contractors?
  • What it is that you do better than anybody else – what is your USP? Do you have technical knowledge your clients need? Can you supply the services out of hours? Do you have a winning personality that makes it very easy for clients to get on with you?

The reason these three questions are important is because they will allow you to start to link what you do to your clients’ needs in a unique and effective way. By answering them you’ll start yourself on a journey to formulating an immersive and interactive digital marketing strategy that ensures your brand stands out from the crowd.

To build an epic digital marketing strategy, you need to break your overarching strategy down into actionable steps to help create a structure that is individual to your business.

Here are our 5 steps creating an epic digital marketing strategy:

No 1. Look at your current digital marketing strategy

If you already have a digital marketing strategy in place, it’s beneficial to analyse the different elements of it and what has been successful. Look at your analytics to find out where your traffic is mostly coming from and assess your current online presence across the different platforms. It’s also worth checking at how responsive your campaigns/website are across different devices.

Check your website speeds on mobile and desktop here.

This should give you a solid basis to begin planning your new strategy and understand what has worked and what hasn’t.

No 2. Know your audience

In order to have a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to create a presence that’s targeted and aimed at your audience. If you want to get in front of and engage your target demographic, you need to aim your content towards them in an effective way.

As well as considering demographics such as age, location, gender, income and occupation, you also need to look at psychographics.

These are the personal characteristics of your audience, such as their lifestyle, behaviour, personality, values and aspirations. Determining how your product or service will fit into their lifestyle will allow you to create a more effective marketing strategy.

Remember – don’t break your audience down too far. You still want to reach as many people with your campaign as you possibly can.

Buyer persona

Click here to view our buyer persona template 

No 3Analyse the competition

It’s essential that you look at how your competition is approaching digital marketing to ensure your plans aren’t just going to blend in, are completely unique to your audience and can stand on their own.

Monitoring your competition is something that should be consistent throughout the year to spot any gaps in your market, or to see if there is something you could do better to grab consumer attention and carve out a niche for your services.

Do your research to find out your competitors’ paid vs. organic traffic and uncover their keyword strategies. This may give you an idea of what keywords your business should be using and also gives you something to compare against.

Check the 10 tools for competitor analysis here.

No 4. Set your KPIs, overall objectives and the plan

What do you want your digital marketing efforts to achieve? Answer this question and create realistic KPIs to measure your business against. Select the platforms you are going to use and choose a dedicated team who will help achieve the KPIs in place.

Now it’s time to create your plan of action. Assessing your audience, the analysis of any previous marketing campaigns, and the goals and objectives you have in place, you are now ready to create unique and effective ways to connect with consumers.

Remember to build a consistent look, feel and tone of voice across your campaigns in order to appear professional and memorable. You need to create something that will make your audience act on or come back to, your content – not forget you after five minutes. Whether it’s social media, PR, influencer marketing, PPC or SEO, your business will benefit from having a set character and tone.

marketing stats

Source: 2017 Marketing Leadership Survey 

No 5. Measure the performance of your campaigns on a regular basis

Once your campaign or strategy has launched, it’s important to continuously monitor its performance. Many plans go through changes once they have launched to make them the perfect fit. You need to be prepared to adjust them depending on the response and optimize the campaign in line with customer feedback.

When you highlight different campaigns to work on and promote, you need to be aware that they may change as you analyse your live campaigns throughout the year. It’s impossible to predict exactly how your campaign will be received, which is why it’s essential you have a team who are dedicated to assessing the performance and reacting quickly to any changes that are needed.

No matter how good your digital marketing campaign is, without the measurements and reactive adjustments they can fail. Digital marketing isn’t just about driving traffic to your website or just achieving quick win sales, it’s about forging a solid online reputation that stands tall among competitors, long lasting and encourages referrals and repeat purchases.

You have to inspire customers and make them love your brand as well as your product or service, which why it’s crucial to craft a digital personality that is consistent and in line with your business as a whole.

It’s about crafting out your spot in the digital world that is seamless across all of the platforms you choose to use. Whether your customer is using a mobile, tablet or desktop, you need a plan in place to grab their attention make your business shine.


Have you had a chance to set up a digital marketing strategy from ground zero? If not, now is definitely the time – not only this would save you time but will also be more cost-effective in the future, leading to better results and more conversions in the future. If you need any help, contact us at Report Central here. 

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