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Got a complex problem? Don’t contact Google Ads for help

If you’ve got a complex problem with your Google Ads account and you think you need some expert help you’ll probably be tempted to contact Google Ads support. After all they’re the pay per click Gods, so they should know what they’re talking about right?

Maybe. Don’t be fooled by the name “Google” in the title. The person at the end of the phone isn’t some all singing all dancing Google wiz that can affect algorithms at will.

In fact contacting Google Ads support with anything more than a simple query really isn’t worth it unless you’re prepared to first have to prove your problem exists and then spend the next few hours trying to get passed to someone that knows the answer.

Google is great, but they just don’t do support very well

Here’s the thing, Google is generally amazing, but they don’t get everything right all the time and their support model just isn’t that great (more on why below).

Please don’t think it gives me pleasure to talk bad about Google. They’re one of the world largest companies. They have a near total monopoly on the internet search market. They invest in some really cool tech like self driving cars and from what I hear they’re a great place to work too. If Google came knocking I’d definitely work for them, but I’m a realist and even Google makes mistakes.

Here’s the problem.

Google Ads support teams aren’t run by the same people that make their incredible techy stuff. While you might think the people at the end of the phone are Google Ads experts, they probably know less than you do.

The reason for this is actually pretty simple. Google is used to getting some pretty stupid questions thrown at them and as such they’ve developed a support system that teaches you to suck eggs.Want more leads? Increase your bids! Google not working? Make sure you have funds in your account!

At some point their answers became so generic that the entire support network was outsourced to companies like Capita (who pretend to be Google but clearly aren’t).

Ask a complex question and prepare to be disappointed.

The people then that you think are Google (but aren’t) are actually just a call centre. With cue cards that have about five answers on them. Go outside the norm with your questions and the answers you get back can be frustratingly confusing.

Imagine then that you have a real problem and need to contact Google support. You say “We’re experiencing click fraud on a particular keyword, have you also spotted this and will we get the funds back? Only to receive the answer “I can see that your account needs optimising, have you considered raising bids”; not helpful and actually pretty frustrating.

Google is getting more automated which isn’t going to help you either

The clever people at Google are notoriously, even cultishly, secretive about how their algorithms work. They have lots of secret tech that powers their search and paid advertising platforms. They are investing heavily in even more.

To run that tech they need some of the brightest people in the world. But as it imparts their wisdom to tech, it’s going to get harder for the people at the bottom to understand what’s going on.

By the time you get to the bottom of the Google chain, or in supports case an external company, the answer to your question is most definitely something they can’t provide.

Tech aside, it’s not necessarily the outsourcing concept. Or the cue cards or even that the people on the end of the phone don’t really have any knowledge of how Google works that makes Google Ads support so woeful. Each one simply contributes to an overall poor support package. It’s that when you do throw a difficult question at them, the support simply either fails to register it, understand what your saying or throw it up the chain in search of an answer.

I’m sure those cue cards really do work for the majority of queries but for something a little bit more involved they need a “red button” that gets you past the door keeper and onto someone in the know.

So what can you do to get the answer you need?

For the most basic of problems, the best place to look is actually on another Google platform, you tube.

But for those questions that are a little bit more complex, your best bet is to find a Google Partner.

Google Partners are external companies that have passed Google certification exams and manage campaigns on an ongoing basis. They are often more knowledgeable than Google Adwords support because they work with campaigns every day.

You can find your local Google Partner here.

Why contact Google Ads when you can ask us?

So you’ve contacted Google Ads support, searched the blogs, spoken to a local partner and you still don’t have an answer.

Then why not ask me?

I know that’s a bold statement because if I suddenly get 300 queries a day I’ll soon be outsourcing the function, but for now while Report Central is in it’s infancy then click here to submit your question and I’ll get back to you within one working day.

You never know, it could be the start of something special.

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