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How we received a Google Partner Badge in just 36 hours

If you’re looking for a PPC agency, there are a lot to choose from. Agencies with Google Partner status are a good place to start – currently Google returns more than 49M results on the topic but how do choose the agency that can deliver you more than clicks?

There’s no doubt that Google is the place to be if you want to be seen by potential customers, either organically or through paid advertising. Google’s own pay per click advertising platform Adwords has 66% of the paid search market in the bag. Seemingly it dominates the market when it comes to driving online sales and conversions, whether you are in the B2B or B2C space.

No wonder then that more and more businesses make PPC advertising part of the digital marketing plan and one of their main streams of lead generation. As a result, numerous agencies have sprung up around to the web designed to help businesses get more from their ad spend.

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Some agencies are just better than others…

Yet, not all PPC agencies are created equal and those looking for stand-out return on investment can be left wondering just who to turn to for PPC advertising skills and insights.

For that reason Google introduced the Partner Badge as a sign of credibility, reassuring those less versed in Adwords that their chosen agency has passed the exams and had the account audited by Google themselves.

You would probably then be surprised to find out how many PPC agencies aren’t actually Google partners – or how many clients are not aware of the Google backed scheme.

For this reason, becoming a Google partner, alongside our Hubspot gold partnership was one of our top goals for 2018. Little did we know, we would be getting that coveted badge a lot sooner than we planned!

In fact, rather than going through the expected 12 month qualification period, where your accounts are under review, we received the partner certification, which in Google’s own words is ‘’a professional accreditation that Google gives to individuals and companies that show expertise in Adwords’’ – within just 2 days – 36 hours to be exact.

To do this we fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Pass several brutal exams – Our very own Vita & Laima took all of the Adwords supported exams – focusing on complex Adwords concepts and covering topics such as online advertising, Adwords processes and best practices for campaign management.
  • We smashed the spend requirements across the managed accounts – that bit was easy as we managed over £2m annually.
  • Finally, Google was looking for strong performance and company growth – all demonstrated with gusto. Many of our campaigns achieve high click through rates and exceptional conversion rates, some as high as 30%.

Naturally, we were absolutely delighted (and a tad shocked) to become one the newest certified Google Partners in such a short period of time. But this badge is just the first step in our grand plan to becoming the UK premier source of new customers.

Data IQ Award Report Central

We’re all about getting you more customers, not just leads…

At Report Central we believe in getting you customers, not just leads and Adwords is one small part of how we do that. Very often this means not just creating highly-converting PPC ads, but also optimising landing pages, building clever CRMs, and building epic data analysis reports. After all, great results in PPC don’t mean just creating leads, but turning those leads into paying customers.

Gaining the Google partnership badge is Report Central’s first step in their master plan to become the UK’s leading PPC agency and Adwords is just one part of how they gain customers for their clients. As well as creating highly-converting PPC ads, Report Central deliver value for their clients with their holistic marketing packages optimising landing pages, building intuitive CRMs, creating content that generates organic traffic and bringing it all together with insightful data analysis reports.

Will Ryles, Creative Director at Report Central commented: ‘’Report Central deliver more than just clicks. For us great results are all about turning clicks into paying customers. So far this year, we’ve not only achieved partner status with both hubspot & google, but we’ve just been shortlisted for our first UK award at the DataIQ Awards 2018 alongside Hyundai, Stagecoach and Costa. We’re easily the newest & smallest company shortlisted, with the turnover in our category topping £18 billion in 2017. Gaining our google partnership is just one of the building blocks we’ve put in place to help export our skills in customer creation to the UK and worldwide”

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