How SMS Helped Us Increase Sales By 30%

At Report Central our team of digital experts love nothing better than to create some serious profits for our clients. Improving their leads and sales, taking clients from zero to £60M is something we live and breathe day in, day out.

A big portion of this revenue success comes from making the most of the data we get for clients. However, it’s important to constantly improve the data quality to begin with and nurture those leads through CRM.

The fact is, not all leads are created equal.

The problem with fake leads

Seems like this problem isn’t something many agencies talk about. After all, it is not palatable to an agency charging £10,000+ a month for their services to admit that they are giving you invalid data.

In a world where leads vary from 100% nailed on sales to genius invalid entries such as, it’s perhaps easier to pretend that low quality leads simply don’t exist. At Report Central we’re realists. We know even our best campaign will get invalid data and part of our role is to reduce those invalids to a minimum.

Say you’re a client that’s looking to buy a car. You need to submit an email and phone number to get the information necessary for you to make a decision. You know this means that the website you’re on is probably going to call you.

As a result, you submit a real email address and a false phone number. The resulting lead is “valid” because the sales person can contact the lead but only by email. To the sales person there’s less chance of getting a sale. However, to an expensive agency that just created that lead it’s no different to any other lead.


In order to overcome the invalid leads challenge, you’re going to need to accept it’s happening and optimise your landing pages against it.

Optimising for what you may ask? For more valid data collection and ultimately, more conversions. Good data is what can take your business to the next level. Small improvements at the front end can have a huge effect on the sales funnel at the other.

Our Client’s Story

Back in in 2017 we were working with one of our clients. A financial services provider for contractors in the UK. At the time it was experiencing a too common ”semi-invalid” data problem. Only part of the information collected was invalid.

The client’s site was aimed at contractors looking for illustrations of their net take home after tax. Its main objective to generate leads and take contractors through the whole journey from signing up for a free quotation to referring more clients.

What’s the easiest way to generate data leads? One of the ways is to provide valuable information in exchange for data. In this case, an email address and a mobile number for a potential client was exchanged for a rough illustration. Detailed illustration was then provided after a phone call.

Our first point of call here was to ask “why do you need a phone number?”. After all, you shouldn’t collect data that you don’t need to. However, given the complex nature of their business, a phone call is the only real way to provide the client with the actual info they need.

It’s important to remember that getting the correct mobile number can have a substantial effect on the sales process. Research have found that companies that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving inquiries are nearly 7 times as likely to have meaningful conversations than if they do not.



For that reason, our lead gen campaign was creating two types of sign up:

• A lead that wanted a rough illustration but wasn’t willing to have the phone call (this resulted in a semi-valid lead).
• A lead that wanted an exact illustration and was willing to have the phone call (this resulted in a valid lead).

After some time it was apparent that a number of leads were not willing to submit a real phone number.

Why are mobile numbers are important?

Statistics show that those that submitted a real phone number were much more likely to go on to purchase. Our objective was then to increase the number of people willing to give us a valid phone number.

Our research showed that one of the main challenges facing the site was that a number of potential clients had had a bad experience with competitor sites. Their email could have been something they were willing to part with. A phone number was not.

Interestingly, the research further showed that it was not that the contractors were unwilling to take the call. They simply did not trust the sites with their contact data.

Understandably not everyone is willing to submit their contact details when it comes to mobile numbers. So many people people would supply false details to get the basic results they wanted.

Our integration solution

Our solution? Integrating SMS with the client’s CRM. This involved a supply of a validation page and unique password between the form submission and the results page. Contractors had no doubt about out commitment to keeping their data safe.

As a result of this integration, a whopping 23% of all leads resubmitted the correct phone number during validation. Sales increased across the board 30%. In fact, contact rates on those that resubmitted were on average 80% vs the usual 55%.

Integrating SMS into the CRM – Here’s how we did it

Here’s a step by step guide of how we integrated SMS into the client’s CRM using the Hubspot platform.


Step 1

We built and integrated multi stage forms on the website directly into HubSpot. This included a validation page that allowed the client to enter the unique password sent via SMS to their mobile or to resubmit a different phone number if they hadn’t received the password.

Step 2

We built custom automated workflows that triggered when people submitted the request form in the first instance. This sent the unique password to their phone within 10 seconds and then redirected them to the validation page.

Step 3

We ensured that the code they received in turn worked on the site. In the event that they entered the correct password on the validation page they would see the results they wanted. If the phone number they had submitted in the first instance was invalid then they would need to resubmit a new valid phone number in order to get the password and get past the validation page. In the event they resubmitted their phone number, a separate workflow was triggered that resent their password.

Benefiting from the SMS ripple effect

Having SMS for data validation is just one of the really useful ways to improve sales or engagement rates.

In fact, our research shows that compared to response rate of just 1% via a targeted marketing email, by simply switching to SMS, companies can expect response rates of up to 20%.

With the above automated SMS actions built into the client’s CRM, we were able to roll more of the SMS apps features to the wider sales team as an added bonus.

As a result, Umbrellasupermarket’s team were able to:

Benefit No 1

Send bulk texts to specific lists of data in Hubspot, log the text automatically on the client record and log the clients response.

Benefit No 2

Send targeted one-off texts to clients and leads based upon their actions e.g. reading a blog post, purchasing a product or even exhibiting unusual purchasing behaviour, this means that targeted singular texts could include further information or special offers.

Benefit No 3

Send illustration and applications out via text message.

All of the above were great for immediate client engagement as most of the contractors do not read emails during the day and SMS responses are much more immediate in contrast.

SMS Integration Next Steps

In a world where many clients don’t have time for 1-2-1 contact, an automated SMS system that could send targeted and relevant messages to engage with the client at exactly the right time via the most convenient method.

In marketing, being in the right place at the right time is paramount to help improve conversions and adding this extra SMS suite enabled the sales team to do just that without being intrusive, overall resulting in great improved engagement and conversion rates for the client. If you want to know more about SMS integration, giver us a call today.

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