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How to achieve an epic conversion rate

In the world of ecommerce or lead generation, a good conversion rate is like turning the lights on at an art gallery. There’s simply no point in having people walk through the halls if they can’t see the pictures.

In online terms, an epic conversion rate is the difference between a good return on investment and a shocking one.

Why do most web developers get it wrong?

What most web designers fail to realise is that the most beautiful websites aren’t always the ones that convert the best. The reason for this is simple. If you don’t make it clear what you do, why people need to buy from you and why they should trust you then they aren’t going to buy from you.

Poor conversion rates often lead to people thinking their traffic is poor. The fact is on page conversions and lead generation go hand in hand when it comes to making a website successful. If an agency tells you otherwise, or lacks an interest in both of these things then they aren’t good enough to be working with you.

We’ve all seen conversion rate problems before in Google Analytics. The proverbial double whammy of low time on site and high bounce rates. Sort out your conversion rate and your problems will be solved.

So how can you improve your on page conversion rate?

I’m not going to launch into multiple breakdowns of every good page I’ve seen. Instead I want to walk you through how we constructed a new landing page for a client of ours called transfertravel. is the worlds leading marketplace for reselling travel plans that you can no longer make. They approached us to help improve their on page conversion rate.

It won’t surprise you to learn that they had engaged a huge, award winning digital agency from Manchester to build their site. It is without doubt a nice piece of work, but it’s not how we would have done it. The reason for this is because the site wasn’t optimised to convert.

Below is their original site and the main landing page for their Google Ads and offline campaigns.

Transfer Travel Home Page

Tip number 1: Never ever use your home page as your landing page.

  • Landing pages shouldn’t have a nav menu at the top. You want to keep people focused on the main call to action (CTA) on the page.
  • Your landing page should have a CTA that’s specific to the user, generic homepages don’t do this.
  • Most homepages are broad brushes that focus on the brand not the service. A good conversion rate will only come by being product or service orientated.
  • Aware that we wanted creative control over the new landing pages, we actually chose to play with even their logo. To create a new design that we felt better reflected what their traffic was expecting to see.

Transfer Travel Landing Page

Tip number 2: Don’t try to do too much. Be specific with your pages.


  • For we made multiple versions of the page with different CTAs and images depending upon what we were trying to do.
  • Once you’ve built a wireframe of your landing pages creating multiples is much easier. Make sure you have a CMS capable of reproducing pages with ease.

Tip number 3: Don’t clutter your page with images, make it clear what you do and what they need to do next.

  • Keep your CTA focused on why they came to your site.
  • Your CTA and headline are not the only two things that will sway a potential customer. Your use of imagery is super important too. Make sure your image is perfectly aligned with your offer.

You will notice at this point that above the fold (i.e the bottom of your screen) we literally have the headline, CTA and a great image. Below the fold then we concentrated on all the support points.

At this point, if you have got your messaging on point, your potential lead is saying “ok so you got me interested, so why should I buy from you over anyone else”

Transfer Travel Sign Up

Transfer Travel Listings

Tip number 4: Show them what they will get when they fulfil your CTA.

  • If you’re generating leads, try to show them what they will get in return for handing over their information.
  • If like you’re looking to get people to list, show them what an actual listing looks like.
  • Don’t just show them what they will get. Show them what they really want i.e. a solution. You’ll see above that here we actually put the chance of a sale in the images, to not only say we can solve your solution but this is how good we are at it too.
  • For an ecommerce site this is more often than note about delivery terms. There’s a reason amazon prime is so successful.

So now you’ve covered off who you are and why they should buy from you, finally then you need to make them trust you.

We’ve all been there before, we look for a product online, we find the site, we’re happy with their delivery terms, so what do we do next? We type “name of site + reviews” into google to see if we can trust them.

Tip number 5: They want to buy from you so don’t give them a reason to doubt you.


  • Online sales habits are changing. The comparison site is taking over and it’s because people feel these are not only easier to use but they solve the trust problem with remote shopping.
  • If you have a service like trustpilot or feefo, then use it. Here we actually took snippets of reviews.

Feefo Review

Tip number 6: Don’t over complicate your forms

  • People don’t mind handing over a name or an email, they are used to it.
  • More than that and if your data is personal like a phone number then people may give you false details.
  • The best forms ask the bear minimum of information, then give them a glimpse of what they want before trying to get more information out of them.

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