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How to build a killer Reddit Marketing Strategy

Since its launch in 2005, Reddit now reaches 330 million active users every single month, attracting a whopping 168 billion views each year.

Chances are you’ve heard of Reddit, but why are we talking about it?

Well, as one of the most vibrant social sharing sites out there where billions of us hang out to discuss almost every topic under the sun, Reddit is super important to your marketing strategy for two crucial reasons: to connect with your audience and drive traffic.

The 19th most visited site in the world, Reddit offers some serious opportunities for brands to gain a significant stream of targeted traffic. But, you’ve got to get it right. After all, there’s a level of ‘reddiquette’ to follow. A Reddit marketing strategy will only be successful if brands can understand how to use the platform to provide real value to the Reddit community.

In this guide, Report Central will share our top tips on how to build an epic Reddit marketing strategy that will help expand your audience and drive meaningful traffic to your site. Ready to dive in?

How does Reddit Work?


With over 300 million active monthly users per month, Reddit has more users than:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

So, you may be wondering how Reddit has managed to stay under the radar when it comes to digital marketing strategies for businesses.

Well, as Reddit is all about authentic contributions, this leaves little room for shameless sales pitches and self-promotion from brands.

In fact, Reddit’s community guidelines state that: “It’s perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a reddit account.”

This means reconsidering everything you’ve learnt so far in your marketing journey.

But before we dive in with the specifics, let’s look at how reddit works.

Essentially, Reddit is made up of more than a million communities, otherwise known as sub-reddits. To find them, just carry out a search on Reddit in the search bar to the top.

Anyone with a reddit account can create a subreddit for any topic that sticks to the site’s community guidelines.

Next to each subrreddit is an up and down arrow where users either up-vote or down-vote posts, with an overall number reflecting the sum of up-votes and down-votes. The number of up-votes and down-votes will increase or decrease the post’s visibility. So, if a post is super popular, reflected by lots of up-votes, it will be more visible to other users.

Every reddit account also has something called ‘Karma,’ which is gained depending on how many times a user’s content is up-voted. A high Karma score is valuable currency, helping to boost a user’s standing within the reddit community.

To set up a reddit account simply:

  • Register an account
  • Verify your email: this will allow you to build up Karma when you comment and post
  • Choose your username: and choose it wisely – you can’t change this once it’s registered

That’s the basics of Reddit, so how can you use it to build a killer marketing strategy?

1. Use it as the perfect Research Tool


With 14 billion average screen views each month, the easiest Reddit marketing strategy for any marketer is to use it as a customer research tool. This enables you to uncover what trending topics your audience are talking about.

To do this:

  • Find relevant subreddits: the first step is to find subreddits that are relevant to your brand. This is easy to do in the Reddit search bar. Entering your keyword or phrase will generate a list of suggested communities to join as well as a list of the most popular content related to your search query. You can also find subreddits within a subreddit itself. Within a subreddit there is the option to ‘find-a-reddit’ where users can ask questions about certain topics, to which other users will reply with suggestions of other subreddits to join.
  • Start researching: once you’ve found the perfect subreddits, you can carry out research manually, browsing each subreddit directly to see what your audience are talking about within these. If you don’t have the time for this, you can input subreddits into tools such as Feedly. This will congregate all the subreddit threads into a handy list where you can browse them all in one go.
  • Look at what your audience are talking about: now, you can start listening to what questions your audience are asking, what topics gain the most traction, find news and latest stories you might have otherwise missed and keep track of competitors, news and products.

Reddit is a goldmine for learning about your target audience – digging out what questions, pain points and interests they have and want to share. That’s great news for marketers, who can go on to create content that will provide their audience with real value.

2. Connect with users who want to engage with your brand


It’s true, Reddit users don’t want marketers hanging out on subreddits ready to shamelessly promote their latest product launch. However, topics do sometimes turn to products.

In fact, 82% of Gen Z state that they trust Reddit when it comes to learning more about products.

So, as with any great social media strategy, it’s important for brands to be present and readily available wherever their audience are hanging out. That means listening on Reddit.

This is easy to do, simply enter a manual search, keeping track of branded mentions.

Once you’ve found discussions centred around your brand or product, feel free to jump in and lend a helping hand. Answer user’s questions and offer advice. The aim is to be useful, not to self-promote. Instead approach the conversation with authenticity to offer real value to your audience through meaningful communications.

3. Share links that aren’t just your own


Reddit is built on links. In fact, more than 50% of the content in top subreddits are links with external links driving the most engagement on Reddit.


What’s more, a recent study recently found that links generate more than 50% more up-votes than any other content on the platform.

Interestingly, the vast majority of links are to video content, which on average attract the most up-votes. It’s no surprise that Reddit has seen a 38% growth rate for video since 2018.

With that in mind, marketers might think the best way forward would be to submit a handful of links to their site and video content and hope for the best.

That’s a big mistake.

In fact, the best thing marketers can do is to submit links and video content that they believe their audience will find interesting, relevant, valuable, entertaining or insightful – whether you created the content or not.

If you run a photography ecommerce site and see your audience talking about the best photography locations in the UK, share a link to a helpful video to help them out. This reflects well on your brand and is super useful to your audience.

Posting your own content and your own content only is not only inauthentic and frustrating to Reddit users, it’s also considered spam to Reddit and will get your account temporarily blocked.

That’s right, when it comes to Reddit it’s all about adding value to your audiences’ lives in a truly authentic way.

4. Take the time to participate


Think about how you use other social platforms. What’s the key to success on these channels? To engage with other users’ content. Merely posting your own content and failing to interact with other’s is never the way to go.

For example, a successful Twitter strategy doesn’t just include hitting the like button on other users’ tweets from time to time. It includes sharing interesting content for your audience, retweeting other user’s relevant tweets, replying to people and starting discussions.

Well, Reddit isn’t too different.

Merely up-voting other’s content won’t get you far. To really come across as an active, authentic reddit user, you need to follow the winning formula of:

  • Commenting
  • Asking questions
  • Starting discussions
  • Posting interesting articles and content (that aren’t just yours)
  • Replying to other users

This will take time and effort, but Reddit is a platform that requires energy to reap the rewards. You won’t succeed by merely logging in once a month and upvoting a couple of pieces of content. Reddit marketing requires time and dedication.

We would recommend subscribing to subreddits to stay on top of what’s going on in your niche. This also acts as a handy reminder to get involved in discussions.

5. Post only your best content


As we’ve touched on time and again, if you want to successfully use Reddit to drive traffic to your site, you need to be an authentic contributor.

That means genuinely taking part in subreddits and offering real value. You can’t just drop by and promote your stuff. This won’t get you that all-important organic traffic from Reddit.

If you want to drive organic traffic to your site, your reddit content needs to be spot on:

  • Keep it relevant: if you’ve any hope of driving traffic from reddit, you need to keep your posts highly relevant to your niche, the subbreddit and community hanging out there. The more you can tailor your content to the subreddit you’re posting in, the more effective it will be. This will require you to research what types of content are most popular, helping you hone in your content offering.
  • Only post your best content: although this should go without saying, only post your best content. Short, vague, generic content won’t be useful to redditers and therefore won’t perform well. This will merely get you down-voted. Only share content that is authoritative, in-depth, helpful and authentic.
  • Have fun with it: it’s important to remember that you need to be a normal reddit user, not a marketer. That’s why it’s important to have fun with it. Interact with other users, build up a post history, build up your karma, post useful and even funny content and comments. After all, authenticity is key.

6. Crack the code to a killer headline


One of the key elements of a reddit thread is the title – just like with any other part of your marketing strategy, this can be make or break when it comes to attracting clicks.

When it comes to your reddit headlines, it will be important to look at the structure of how reddit titles are formulated. Take note of what works well, what gets up-voted and what doesn’t.

The guys over at Grow and Convert have suggested a couple of reddit headline formats that tend to perform super well.

These include:

  • Need X? Here’s Y. Example: Tense shoulders? Try these few stretches
  • [Specific time before] I [did something.] I will now [explain to you/share even more detail.] Example: 3 months ago I posted the exact process of how I sold $150,000 selling T-shirts on Amazon. I will now explain the exact steps you can take to earn your first $1,00,000 selling on Amazon.

Studies have also found that titles between 60 – 80 characters gain the most up-votes on average, while titles longer than 120 characters or shorter than 20 characters performed the worst.

Getting your title on point will be the difference between a thread that attracts tons of attention and therefore more traffic to your site, and one that gets lost in the back waters of reddit.

7. Cross-post your content


Although it’s hugely important that you avoid spamming at all costs, you should also bear in mind that:

  • Not everyone will have seen your post
  • Your content will most likely be helpful for users on other related subreddits as well as the subreddit your originally posted it in

In light of that, it’s perfectly acceptable to cross-post your original post to other subreddits.

To avoid being flagged as spam from other users and moderators, however, it’s important to remember a few simple rules:

  • Edit or change your headline
  • Avoid cross-posting to other subreddits straight away, instead waiting 1-2 weeks
  • Mention that the post is taken from the original subreddit with a simple ‘x-post from y-subreddit

Successfully cross-posting content will significantly maximise its reach and in turn your brand awareness – it’s just important that you do it right.

8. Try your hand at paid ads


Brands have seen major successes through paid ads on Reddit.

L’Oréal promoted their new product line amongst the most passionate skincare enthusiasts on the platform and saw a 20% brand awareness lift and 9% purchase intent life.

Meanwhile, drinks company Welch’s partnered with Reddit to launch their ‘Touch of Grapes’ campaign targeted at Gen Z. This resulted in a 31% higher view through rate and 94% positive brand sentiment.

Unlike other social platforms, Reddit ads are still in the early stages, so there’s lots of room to get healthy returns.

Operating on a cost-per-click basis, brands can optimise campaigns for:

  • Reach
  • Video Views
  • Traffic
  • Conversions

There is the option to show your ad to the whole of Reddit, or a more targeted audience by focusing on specific subreddits.

For businesses with the budget, Reddit advertising can be a great way to use the platform for marketing, helping brands target niche communities.

Next Steps – ready to break into the world of Reddit marketing?


Reddit hates marketers. Yep, you heard that right. That’s why to crack the code of a killer reddit marketing strategy, brands have to take off their advertising caps and operate as redditers, not marketers.

Although this might sound crazy coming from a marketing agency, it is the key to success on reddit which is all about authenticity. Be an active member, find out where your audience are hanging out and what they’re talking about, add value to their lives, offer them advice and entertain them – only then will you reap the rewards of increased, targeted, organic traffic.

For more help and advice turn to the Report Central team. We get down to the nitty gritty of what works in the world of digital so we can keep doing more of it.

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