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what do you get during a consultation?

Report central is an anti-agency, that means we won’t invite you to a game of ping pong while discussing the finer points of our work trips to Lapland.

We won’t be bungee jumping off a bridge in our lunch hour & we won’t be offering you a seat in our new “bean bag” area while we tell you about all the awards our PR team has won.

What we will be doing is telling you all about how we used to be just like you, how we came to be great at what we do by ditching the award winning agencies & how we built a team that cares about what happens after you get a lead.

you’ll get free hints & tips.

To get you started you’ll get access to our exclusive content including blogs, videos, report examples & EVEN a hidden game (you read that right).

We don’t want you to become a name on a marketing list, we want to learn more about your business, why you’re here & how we can help you strap a rocket booster to your bottom line.

The fact is, our clients come in all shapes & sizes. You might be in desperate need of help, or simply starting out on your journey of discovery but no matter what stage your business is up to there’s something in our login area just for you.

we’ll ponder what a great lead really is.

We love our job, we love making improvements to our campaigns & best of all love doing things no one has done before.

That means we’ll accept any challenge provided we can make a difference & during your consultation we’ll give you a frank assessment of the impact Report Central could make on your business.

We don’t just get our clients leads, we get them sales & in order to do that we need to work non-stop to increase lead quality.

To us leads are great but they are really just a means to getting what you really want; sales & profit, so why go through 100 to get a sale when you can speak to just one & save the rest of the budget?

we’ll teach you about smarketing.

If you’ve not heard of smarketing before then you need to. Because traditional digital agencies just do marketing they pile money into getting leads & leave the rest up to the gods.

At Report Central we believe that sales & marketing are actually the same thing (smarketing.. get it?).

It’s our mission to help you redefine how you run your sales & marketing strategy, intertwining organic & paid lead channels with intelligent sales processes that help squeeze every last drop of revenue from your leads meaning you get more bang for your buck.

we’ll discuss how great CRMs save you £££s.

Analyzing the outcomes of every lead we create is at the heart of what we do & in order to make sure your outcomes are linked to your spend we’re going to look at how you manage that data from start to finish.

Just a few years ago customer relationship management (CRM) systems were pretty basic, they received your leads & helped you track your interactions with them but that’s all changed now.

With the introduction of game changing software like hubspot, CRMs have become integral parts of not just lead management but lead nurturing too.

Today the very best CRMs not only help you link spend to performance, they automatically interact with your leads to help improve your conversion rates meaning they actually save you money.

we’ll blow your mind with our reports.

From the moment we bid on a keyword to the last time you ever interact with a lead, we will monitor everything that happens by placing code on a lead the first time it’s generated that we can track throughout its life with your company.

Reporting is at the heart of everything we do, so as part of your consultation we’ll review the tracking you currently have & show you how we track leads so you can see the difference it makes to our campaigns.

we’ll be straight forward about our costs.

We don’t charge for our initial consultation & once we’ve assessed all the areas we can help you with we’ll deliver a simple easy to follow plan including costs.

We don’t follow the standard agency “charge through the nose for extras” policy. If you need a new landing page we’ll tell you, we won’t hook you in & give you the bad news later.

We’re not the cheapest out there because we don’t believe in generating leads for the sake of it. We’re defined by the impact we make on your bottom line & our costs are structured so that your profit line will go up, not down.

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