Elevate your sales with our 12 PPC ad copy tips

Advances in digital marketing and PPC move fast. Marketers have got to keep up to date to stay relevant. But there’s one thing that always remains important – the quality of your ad copy.

Even if you’ve nailed every other aspect of your PPC campaign, if your ad copy sucks people won’t respond to it your ad – why would they?

Ad copy needs to stand out, get your message across, and ultimately get people to click and convert. With only a short amount of space to create an awesome ad, it is a tricky task.

Here at Report Central we’re no strangers to creating kick ass copy for search ads. Here, we’ll share our 15 top tips and tricks to crafting a cracking ad copy that will elevate your sales, increase traffic and improve brand awareness.

Ready to take on the challenge?

1. Understand the structure of your ad

When you start out in PPC, it’s important to understand the structure of your ad. A Google Ad follows a specific structure that consists of headline, display URL and description.

The headline is king, and the two description lines are there to entice searchers further. You need to know what information to put where in order to come up with an ad that works.

2. Present a headline searchers can’t resist

Your headline is typically the first thing a searcher will see. This means it’s got to stand out and draw people in. If your headline is boring and irrelevant, your ad won’t be effective. Come up with something exciting – something searchers can’t resist.

3. Get your descriptions on point

After your headline, your two description lines are the next thing that searchers will see. In a tight 35-character limit you’ve got to win potential customers over. Put in the time and energy to draw up copy that is creative yet gets your point across.

4. Use site link extensions

This simply means adding more links to your ad. Site links take searchers to other pages on your site, allowing you to promote even more of your business – and that can only be a good thing!

 5. But don’t forget to use call out extensions too

A call out extension allows you to promote unique offers to searchers, such as free shipping. These appear alongside your ad copy and are a great way of seducing searchers into taking the plunge and purchasing from you over your rivals by promoting the added benefits that come with buying from you.7.

6. Make sure your copy aligns with your landing page and call to action

Alignment matters – aligning your copy with your landing page and call to action will improve your PPC quality score, a very important part of running a successful PPC campaign. The higher your score, the more ‘relevant’ Google will determine your ad, meaning you’ll be seen by more of the right types of searchers that are ready to click and convert.

Most importantly, from user perspective, there will be a consistency between the ad and your website copy, which is paramount when it comes to a successful online user journey.

7. Keep it topical and relevant

There’s nothing worse than clicking on an ad that offers 50% off just to find out that the offer expired 2 days ago. You need to keep your ads relevant and up-to-date to ensure that your users have a good experience.

Similarly, if you’re holding a seasonal sale, make sure you’re updating your ad copy to reflect that, so searchers are in the loop – you never know, that might be what pushes a searcher to clicking and purchasing!

8. Use your keywords right

Include effective, relevant keywords in your copy. At the end of day, these determine whether your ad appears for a particular search. If you want to increase your chances of making sales you’ve got to include keywords that reach your target audience. Choose them wisely and do your research.

9. Create a killer call to action

Want to make more sales, or get more mailing list sign-ups? Then you need to tell searchers what action you want them to take! Want them to ‘buy now’? Then give them an incentive to. Your ad should include a strong and clear call to action that easily guides the searcher into clicking and converting.  Don’t leave your readers hanging – tell them what do to in the copy.

10. Make it engaging

This may be obvious, but if your ad copy’s not engaging then searchers will get a few words in, give up and scroll away.

Think about your ideal buyer persona – what kind of thing do they want to be reading? With this in mind, craft an engaging ad that your target audience really want to read.

11. Don’t be afraid to make it controversial

When did playing it safe ever get anyone noticed? Don’t be afraid to make your copy a bit controversial. Whenever you evoke a strong reaction, this is what will trigger emotions in people, evoke powerful responses and clicks! In google ads you don’t need to have the biggest budget to get clicks, so if you’re in P2 with your rivals in P1, standing out can make all the difference between who gets clicked on and who doesn’t.

12. Use Numbers and Stats

Numbers stick out, stay in the mind and can jazz up the copy. If you’ve got whopping discounts to offer to your customers, then you should be shouting about them. Or, if you’re number 1 in your field then let the world know! It’s all about enticing with numbers.

Next Steps – ready to create top quality copy?

It isn’t uncommon for marketers to fall into the trap of making silly mistakes that damage their PPC campaign. One such mistake is being sloppy with your copy. Getting your copy right, on the other hand, is a sure-fire way of getting your site into the sights of the right people and ultimately elevating your sales. At Report Central we’re master copy writers who know a thing or two about how to craft copy that will drive your PPC campaign to success.

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