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How the next generation of PPC Agencies aren’t just in London

As 2018 draws to a close we can’t think of a better time to step back and reflect on the year our PPC Agency team has had at Report Central.

Not only did we achieve partner status with Google to go alongside our HubSpot Gold Partner accreditation, but we also generated a whopping £60M for a finance-industry business and helped a budding travel company transform its paid marketing.

To top it off, we were shortlisted for two huge awards in London. Against some of the world’s biggest data management and PPC players.

All this despite being just 7 people strong. Talk about punching above our weight!

London used to be the beating heart of UK PPC Agencies

If you’ve been to Manchester lately you’ll recognise the immense change going on outside the capital. Where once London was the future for all things tech, now you’ll find cities all over the UK competing to be the next big digital hub and Manchester is no different.

From the BBC to Amazon, big businesses are leaving their London roots and embracing the diversity (and cheaper rents) the rest of the UK has to offer.

The world of PPC is following suit. Maybe once it was essential to live in London if you wanted to be at the top of the PPC Agency game. Now the fact is, you can live and work anywhere with a good internet connection.

So if it’s not about where you are, what is important?

At the start of 2018 one of our main goals wasn’t to get a swanky London office. It was instead to gain the prestigious Google Partner badge.

It’s well known that if you’re looking for a PPC agency, those with the Google Partner status are a good place to start. It’s a sign of credibility, showing the world that your agency has passed the exams and had their accounts audited by Google themselves.

Little did we know that we’d receive the coveted badge a lot sooner than we planned. The expected qualification period is actually 12 months. So, you can image how delighted we were to receive certification in just 2 days – 36 hours to be precise!

That was certainly a notch on our belt alongside our existing HubSpot gold accreditation.

Gaining Google partnership was just one of the building blocks we’ve put in place to help export our skills in customer creation to a wider audience, both around the UK and further afield.

We’re all about getting you customers, not just leads

Alongside the Google Badge, if you’re looking for a good PPC Agency it’s important to find one that delivers more than just clicks.

That’s where Report Central come in. For us, great results are all about turning clicks into paying customers and recurring revenue. This not only means creating highly-converting PPC ads, but also optimising landing pages, creating clever CRM flows and building epic data analysis reports.

PPC Agency London

Our approach was recognised when we were shortlisted for our very first UK award. We were delighted to be nominated for the best use of data in a marketing programme at the London DataIQ Awards.

We were easily the newest and smallest company to be nominated, alongside fellow candidates including Hyundai, Stagecoach and Costa. The turnover for companies nominated in our category alone topped a whopping £18 billion in 2017.

We were definitely the underdog. But, there we were, a fresh faced, eager PPC agency in London recognised for our excellence in the field of data and analytics.

So, why did we deserve our nomination? What did we do that was so ground-breaking?

We took one client from zero to £60M

And it wasn’t by magic either. In 2017 we partnered with a finance-based client to design and launch their new comparison site. Here, we put our data driven marketing skills to practice. As a result, we helped them turn over an impressive £60 million in just one year from Google Ads, email campaigns and CRM optimisation.

At Report Central we understand that not all leads are created equal. The only metric that matters is how many customers we can win for our clients within their budget. This is where our obsessions with pay per click and data comes into play!

Our challenge was to attract, acquire, engage, report and enhance our client’s leads. In addition to overseeing a closed data loop from start to finish that would help them grow into the market leader. We didn’t just think about how to drive traffic to the site. We worked with the data that we collected to get more sales, obtain client insights and help service levels to improve the campaign.

Rising to the challenge we achieved some pretty impressive results in a short amount of time. Over 13 months we acquired 8,092 leads, 819 on-board customers. Plus, gained 250 referrals from existing customers and generated £60 million. You heard us right! We took our client to £60 million in a matter of months.

And it just got better…

The next achievement of 2018 came when we were nominated for our second big award amongst the top PPC agencies London had to offer – the Agency UK Award. Alongside our search campaign for the finance comparison site, we were shortlisted for Best New Business Campaign for work done with our client Equi, a venture capital platform.

So, what did we do for Equi that was so special?

We decided against the traditional lead generation with PPC advertising focusing on generating traffic to the site. Instead, we pitched customer’s actual sign ups to add to the expanding client base.

Our pitch was a mix of programmatic banner adverts and Google ads. We also took on the challenge of developing corresponding landing pages for Equi to ensure the website’s design was fully optimised for conversions.

After just 2 weeks we discovered that programmatic adverts were not delivering similar results to ads search campaign. So, we developed 3 Google Ads Display campaigns to scoop up those decision makers that were still on the fence about purchases.

We built a campaign to pull back previous visitors who didn’t sign up. Then, we created Display Campaign 1 to target people who were interested in investing in crypto currencies. Finally, we targeted an audience which had been actively seeking to invest in crypto currencies.

The result? We generated a massive 3,000 sign-ups.

Are you looking for a PPC Agency?

We’d call that a pretty great year here at Report Central. Who would have thought that we’d be nominated for not one but two amazing awards for our work in PPC amongst many other amazing achievements in 2018? Hard work, data, coffee and analysis is a winning formula.

PPC Agency

We love PPC and most of all results. We understand the need for quality leads. On top of creating highly-converting PPC ads, Report Central deliver value for our clients with our holistic marketing packages, optimising landing pages and building intuitive CRMs. Top it off with creating content that generates organic traffic and bringing it all together with insightful analysis reports.

If you’d like to see how you can become one of our success stories, get in touch to talk about how we can sky rocket your business today.

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