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Data Management

Find out how we can boost your sales using data management.

What we do.

The integrity of your data is absolutely critical to ensuring that you get the correct output when analysing it.

Once you’ve ensured that the data you’re collecting is correct, you’ll also need to protect that data moving forward to ensure you can make accurate comparisions to past periods. While that might sound simple, in practice it’s not because data is open to manipulation, editing & constant evolution all the time.

Get it right though and you can identify the 76% of marketing spend that goes to waste every year (on average). Imagine being able to harness that information and flow your budgets into the places that make you more money.

At Report Central, bespoke reporting is at the heart of how we add value so we understand how important both the initial integrity & protection of that integrity is.

We use pipes, API’s, algorithms, data warehouses & analysis tools to manage our own & client data in order to squeeze the best we can out of it.

We use data management to get more sales, obtain client insights to help service levels & to improve the campaigns we run, but without great data we’d never be able to be as scientific as we are at getting great results.

Put simply, harness your data with Report Central & you will strap a rocket ship to your bottom line.

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What makes our data management great?

Anyone can make a data list, but it takes know how to ensure that data is correct & look after it as time goes on.

Identify Future Customers

With great data comes great growth potential.

Unlock Secrets

Unlock the secrets of your business, good or bad.

Low Cost Solutions

You’re in the business of making profit & that means your data management can’t come with huge overheads or barriers to expansion.

Automated Actions

You can’t expect different results by doing the same thing with your data day in day out, that’s why we’ll build you automated client interactions that run off the insights we find in your data gives us.

Engage Clients

Attracting traffic is one thing but engaging with your current audience will help reduce competition & increase conversions.

Data Integration

Whether you’re in finance or e-gaming, we will tailor your systems using APIs to your exact requirements so it feels at one with your business.

Epic CRM Integration

What’s the point in a lead if you don’t know the outcome. Good CRMs tell you what happened but great ones affect the outcome.

Insightful Reports

Reporting for the sake of reporting isn’t much use to anyone, that’s why our unique reporting platform is designed to focus on the bits that matter.

Why are we different?

Simple, we’re a digital anti-agency. We don’t have bean bags and we certainly don’t blur the truth about your campaigns.

We’re the underdog that cares more about getting their clients sales than collecting shiny awards. We’re the people that care less about lead volume and more about lead quality. We’re the people that care about every lead, whether you’ve got a famous brand name or not.

We might be an external company, but we’re just as committed to making you money as you are and that means the way we run your campaigns is a little bit different.

We’ll optimise based on your outcomes to make sure your cost per sale keeps on getting lower, we’ll create beautiful reports that help you understand how to tweak your services in order to squeeze more sales from your website & above all else we’ll keep on trying new things to not just help you crush the competition, but dominate the market.

Here's the Rocket Science...

Making a campaign great is about the finding the little changes that make a huge difference.

Setting up a campaign with good foundations is one thing, but at Report Central we use a little bit of rocket science to boost our campaigns far ahead of the competition.

From the outset of every campaign we used special algorithms to make sure we know exactly what’s going on at every stage.

We output all the super useful information those algorithms via our own bespoke reporting module that’s hosted on our website.

This means our teams know exactly what’s driving your success so that they can keep doing more of it, while you know exactly when & how your most valuable leads are being dealt with so you can increase your conversions too.