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What we do.

Twitter is a giant in the social media world with 330 million active users in 2017 alone.

Compared to facebook & instagram twitter styles itself as the place to find out what’s happening in the world right now, so rather than focusing on photos or opinions, your campaigns need to be 100% in tune with the things your clients are reading & searching for.

It’s an approach that means your content needs to be on point & ready to change at a moments notice.

Your tweets need to be pro-active, searching out the latest relevent news and producing engaging material that helps twitter users find out more.

Needless to say then, twitter is one of the hardest mediums to gain real traction on but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

You only have to look at how gambling brands have taken current news in their industry (odds) to the next level through social media to see how when done right, twitter can catapult your brand engagement to the next level.

Put simply, invest in correctly in twitter & you’ll strap a rocket ship to your bottom line.

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What makes our campaigns great?

Anyone can create a social media campaign, but producing one with 1000’s of followers that generates leads & customers is a fine art.

Customer Research

You won’t make money by trying to please everyone.

Channel Focus

If your clients aren’t on twitter, why would you waste your time using it?

Clever Bidding Structures

If you sell more at 11am than you do at 3pm why should you accept paying the same for those leads?

Intelligent A/B Testing

You can’t expect different results by doing the same thing with your website day in day out.

Engaging Content

Attracting traffic is one thing but engaging with your audience will help reduce competition & increase conversions.

Responsive Design

Leads come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important that your website reacts to what your clients are doing.

Epic CRM Integration

What’s the point in a lead if you don’t know the outcome. Good CRMs tell you what happened but great ones affect the outcome.

Insightful Reports

Reporting for the sake of reporting isn’t much use to anyone, that’s why our unique reporting platform is designed to focus on the bits that matter.

Why are we different?

Simple, we’re an anti-digital agency. We don’t have bean bags and we certainly don’t blur the truth about your campaigns.

We’re the underdog that cares more about getting their clients sales than collecting shiny awards. We’re the people that care less about lead volume and more about lead quality. We’re the people that care about every lead, whether you’ve got a famous brand name or not.

We might be an external company, but we’re just as committed to making you money as you are and that means the way we run your campaigns is a little bit different.

We’ll optimise based on your outcomes to make sure your cost per sale keeps on getting lower, we’ll create beautiful reports that help you understand how to tweak your services in order to squeeze more sales from your website & above all else we’ll keep on trying new things to not just help you crush the competition, but dominate the market.

Here's the Rocket Science...

Making a campaign great is about the finding the little changes that make a huge difference.

Setting up a campaign with good foundations is one thing, but at Report Central we use a little bit of rocket science to boost our campaigns far ahead of the competition.

From the outset of every campaign we used special algorithms to make sure we know exactly what’s going on at every stage.

We output all the super useful information those algorithms via our own bespoke reporting module that’s hosted on our website.

This means our teams know exactly what’s driving your success so that they can keep doing more of it, while you know exactly when & how your most valuable leads are being dealt with so you can increase your conversions too.

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