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Why we became a Google Adwords agency

You know it’s funny, but as I look back now, our journey to becoming a google adwords agency was by no means conventional and yet as I write this we’re celebrating gaining the status of google partner, something that would on the outside demonstrate our very ability to conform to the conventional norm.

Our journey with adwords started way back in 2011 when I realised that my then business was failing because the industry I worked in was being decimated by an internet revolution that rewarded those with a pile it high sell it cheap attitude.

It all started with my own failure…

Rather than dig my heels in like some sort of Luddite my reaction back then was simply to pivot and embrace the internet revolution. I didn’t realise it but that pivot was the start of a journey that would lead to me discovering the secrets of online conversions and google adwords; something we apply liberally today but was poorly executed just a few short years ago.

Fast forward a few years and the late nights, multiple website designs and hard fought adwords battles in an industry where my budgets were tiny compared to national competitors had worn me thin; I needed a change.

In 2014 I was fortunate enough to reinvigorate my career when by blind luck I was offered a job in financial services. The job didn’t pay much, but I knew that the skills I had learnt in a hyper competitive environment would stand me in good stead in a financial industry that had yet to face such an intense level of competition.

True to form, my skillset proved to be invaluable and in a matter of months I’d started on a path that would eventually lead to the creation of Report Central.

We made some mistakes along the way…

The path was by no means an easy one, we had our share of ups and downs, but throughout it all our drive to move forward kept us out of too much trouble. Our losses were quickly replaced with little wins and cumulatively we gained the momentum that would see a team of just one expand to seven in a matter of months.

The problem was that outside of our financial niche we were unknowns. In an age when most people don’t know the name of their neighbour, our growth was limited by our ability to not only spread the word of our customer focused revolution but also by our inability to justify our reputation with recognised qualifications.

There was a very good reason for this; being a former marketing team suited our sales pitch. Having used agencies of all shapes and sizes (including award winning ones!) in the past I knew only too well how poor their communication could be, how little some cared about their customers profit levels and ultimately how many seemed to be selling something more akin to wizardry than something that offered their clients an obvious benefit.

We’d grown by resonating with our clients distrust of agencies and then by proving what we can do, not because the outside world had looked in and said “are these guys qualified”. Yet as we prepared for conventional growth our unconventional attitude simply didn’t cut it anymore; marketing departments still wanted agencies, they just needed to know which ones were the best.

google partner badge

We accepted that our clients expect the partner badge…

So with a heavy heart we put our pride to one side and decided to embrace the fact that we, despite our best intentions had become the very thing we hated; an agency. As an act of final rebellion, we decided to stay true to our roots and re-christen ourselves a Google Adwords anti-agency; all the results but without the cafeterias and bean bag meeting rooms.

As it turned out, google rather liked the work we’d put in over the years. Despite the standard waiting times for a google partner badge being six months, we were awarded our Google partnership in just 36 hours.

You can now find our google partner badge displayed proudly at the bottom of our website right next to a conspicuous sign that you really should click entitled “don’t click this”, although what ever you do, don’t call us an agency.

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